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Monday, August 30, 2010

Press Launch!

This week we 'launched' offically to the press! very exciting! I am working with a lovely PR agent called Dani who has amazing ideas to push into the limelight a little!!

I didn't want to do the normal thing of sending out a press release to the media - can you only imagine how many they get a day but wanted something that would stick out and be unique - of course!!!

So we decided on a gorgeous little posy of flowers, with a handstamped envelope with the press release enclosed attached with a gorgeous USB stick in a shape of a wooden peg again with my branding on!! Seriously cute!!
What do you think??
Tam x


  1. I meant to say a huge thank you to Sarah from for the gorgeous flowers x

  2. WOW, a USB in the shape of a peg.....I want one, do you know how many times I loose them just cause they sit in a draw.
    LOVE the idea, amazing Tam.

  3. Oh I wish I were in the field (i.e on the receiving end!!) beautiful!
    All the best with the launch!

  4. Thank you everyone - fingers crossed that they were well received!!!