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Monday, September 20, 2010

Spring/summer - Christmas WHAT????

I love that we are now in Spring although I was hoping that the weather would realise it! I am over all this wind, rain and snotty noses that seem to dominate winter!

I love seeing little lambs bouncing around the fields, the daffodils and regrowth of tree's and flowers.
There is one thing I just can't get my little head around - that we are all talking about summer clothes and Christmas together in one sentance! I'm a pom and although this will be my second Christmas over here, the 2 things just don't go togther.
My children are asking the questions of why does Santa wear a great big suit if it is so hot? why do all christmas cartoons/cards have snow on them?
Christmas to me has always been, snuggling in your new woolly jumper in front of the tv and roaring fire, eating too much, drinking mulled wine, twinkling lights, getting dark at 3 in the afternoon and getting cabin fever - will this ever wear off?
Wow just realised that my children will grow up thinking that sunny Christmases are the norm! WEIRD!
Do you ever get used to it?? I suppose only time will tell.