This is a blog about me, Tam, my family life, life in New Zealand and of course Unique Boutique!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A bit of a gush!

Not only did we launch Unique Boutique this week but we are launching / planning 4 other businesses! and if that wasn't enough we are moving and getting a puppy and 2 donkeys! The house is in total disarray! We have 3 wonderful children, 3 very naughty miniature ponies, 4 alpacas that have been sent away for halter training (that itself I could do a blog about!! trying to get them in a trailer very funny!) 1 very moody donkey, 2 cats that are on a mega killing spree and a cheeky miniature goat called Poe. Moving is not an easy task! I keep looking around, saying to myself "oh there's not much to do really" but really I am just trying to convince myself - its not working!

At least the weather has been good, so I can bundle the children up and send them into the garden to burn off some energy!

Anyway over to the gushy part...............

I have to say a huge thank you for everyone involved in From the moment the idea came to me until now the people I have come across have been so embracing of the idea, the suppliers I work with are just incredible and many I see as my vitural friends! Their support on facebook, email and other secret places we hang out, has been amazing! The advice given has been purely for my own benefit not just for the suppliers - see there are some just nice peolpe out there!

The web designers have also been wonderful, working very hard at making it all work, and with a brief of 'here's my logo - I don't want anything too cutesie I think what they have achieved is great so thank you

And lastly, wow its starting to feel like an oscar speech, but without the tears and the alcohol!, a big thank you to my husband, Ben, who without his support it would never of happened and was my very own human punching bag! x

See you all next time!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

D Day!

I know there's an about me page but come on that's just the fluffy nice version!

Well here it is launch week, d day whatever you want to call it, it's here. I'm not sure whether to be nervous or excited. This whole journey has been amazing, to think what I didn't know when I started is just incredible to me! Now let's be clear I have no history in this area at all. I am a trained financial advisor - those were the days when I had a brain! I

I am from the Uk and have been moving back and forth between there and here for the last 4 years, but have finally put down some roots, you kind of have to with a 4 year old , 3 year old and a baby of 8 months. Have suffered with postnatal depression with my following my children's births, but am still standing, just! I am not embarrassed of that fact, it's just part of me, in fact to has made me the strong, confident person that has allowed me to follow my dream of doing this!

So here I am, sitting staring at the computer wondering if anyone (not family and friends because quite frankly they HAVE to come and have a peek) is going to stop on by, have a look and maybe buy something. I love everything that is on the site, honestly I do! and am confident you will too, but for now i'll just carry on sitting here pressing the refresh button on my computer!!!

Till next time! Tam