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Monday, August 9, 2010

Been poorly this week so thought I would share some pictures from home!

This couple pair are my new baby donkeys, Rory and Ruby! who have joined gorgeous Rosie. When they first arrived both were very scared, Ruby has come on leaps and bounds! Rory follows her everywhere so hoping that it won't take him long either - its funny tho both will let the kids stroke them it's just us big folk that they seem scared of.
Poe the goat is very cheeky but a firm favourite - he is so soft and cuddly! This is the goat that I found in my kitchen when we were moving in!

Winter feeding Ruby - so cute! Our kids can climb over the fences whenever they want, although at the moment with all the mud we are going through so many changes of clothes!!

Indie and I feeding Casper the Alpaca, who is actually deaf!

Carrying the carrots - very important job - it mist definitely requires 2 people!!
In total we have 3 mini ponies, 4 alpacas, 3 donkeys, 2 goats, 2 dogs, 2 cats and lots of fish!!
Always busy - but I love it!!
Tam x


  1. wow! what a beautiful farm and family

  2. Doesn't Seth count as an animal?

  3. No Ben! He is delightful 3 year old! we will never be able to give him away if you let on what he is like! lol!! mummy loves you seth bear xx

  4. Gorgeous Tam, kiddies and animals.....and even the 'animal like' kiddies too! xx