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Monday, July 12, 2010

Well, we have moved! I have gone from having loads of boxes around ready for the launch of Unique Boutique to having double around from the dreaded move! Now really I should be used to moving this being my 8th house in 5 years! my poor, poor children and very well travelled pooch!

Bella is a parsons Jack Russell (has long legs!) and is in all reality my first "baby" she now has a new Buddy - Florence, a beautiful Labradoodle! boy is she gorgeous and has settled in to our mad house perfectly!

But really apart from having a nine month old with bronchitis and a stubborn donkey refusing to get in the float and then back out of it (my husband really does have to put up with a lot!) and to finish it all, an escaped goat in the kitchen - things could of been a lot worse! sometimes I wonder if anyone else lives with this madness or if it's just me! would love to know!

Moving couldn't of happened at the worst time - school holidays! Winter - Miss 4 has been such a wonderful help, it has been an absolute delight having her from school, it has made me realise just how much I miss her when she is at school. What I mean is when we collect her from school she is tired and at weekends she is recovering from the week. So to have her off for a number of weeks it is lovely to see her happy/brilliant personality. The girl is really funny - I say she takes after her mummy!!

Anyway I'm off to enjoy some more time with her before I lose her back to school!
Much love



  1. I'm chuckling about your escaped goat... in the kitchen!? At least it wasn't the donkey! Glad the move went well. Yay for school holidays, too!

  2. just stumbled across your blog :)
    love the donkey image, how exciting! glad the move went well :)

    pop by my blog and say hi

  3. love the image of your daughter. is her name winter? i named my little girl summer! =)
    gorgeous blog!
    bec xx

  4. Hi Bec
    Yep her name is Winter!
    So pleased you have found me! xx